This time last year the I was lucky enough to photograph the Girl skateboard crew when they arrived in Tasmania and created serious bedlam at EC skatepark in North Hobart.  The weather was not great, but the lads were very cool and entertained the crowd anyway.  I enjoyed the “board toss”, watching a bunch of die hard skaters in a frenzy, for a souvenir from some of the guys they look up to – it was pretty damn cool actually… These “Yanks on Planks” have some serious skills!  In this case, the skaters I captured were Eric Koston, Corey Kennedy, Alex Olson and Mike Mo Capaldi.

I love photographing skateboarding, I always have.  I started when my son (Joe) got into the sport – much to any parent’s fear and trepidation.

Photographing skatebording is a technical challenge.  You have to know how to drive your camera to it’s limits and you have to really pay attention to what is going to happen, rather than what is happening. I have taken a lot of photos of skateboarders in Tasmania’s South and North – some professional and many amateur.  I had many photos from the opening of the then new Glenorchy skatepark published in the local northern suburbs newspaper and I have taken tons of shots of my son that I sell on image stock websites such as iStock and Shutterstock.

Here are some samples of some of the skate photography I have taken over the last 18 months or so… some of the thousands that I have on file… Nearly all of the images are untreated or processed (straight out of the camera) which is unusual for me, but I think the big balls on these fella’s is quite enough!


Girl Skate crew

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Local Skaters

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Glenorchy Skatepark opening

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Dew Tour Devonport

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