Pre Wedding Engagement session.

An engagement session, sometimes called a pre-wedding shoot, is like a portrait session for couples conducted before the wedding – usually a few weeks or months beforehand.  Photographers often offer these sessions as part of their wedding packages and it is a great idea.  This is why I think so:

  1. It’s great for you as a couple, to get to know and trust your wedding photographer – me.  This will help you feel more comfortable on your wedding day, because we will know each other. This allows for more relaxed and natural photos – I want the experience to be fun for you and easier for me.
  2. A session like this, is also a great way for the groom to understand that I am not out to make anyone look stupid – it’s quite the opposite (I hate having my photo taken too). Digital cameras are awesome and one of the best features is the ability to show on the viewfinder, exactly the vision that I/we are after.
  3. This photo session also lets you see how I go about my business. We get to observe each others personalities and you see how I guide and style you, as well as the other members of your wedding party.
  4. It’s an opportunity to discuss and test out ideas of things that you want and the visions I would like to incorporate into your wedding photography.
  5. In this session, I will help you to learn how to pose like a bride and groom – it’s really important. I too, have done a course on this and I have had to learn how to pose like a bride and groom – if I can do it as a man, you can do it as a woman (when you stop laughing)… There are ways to stand, sit, lye and walk! All of these poses are to make you look beautiful/handsome without looking too staged and can be easily learned, but need to be practiced. This session is a great way to show you before and after photos and it will knock your socks off…
  6. You can use one image from your engagement session for your wedding invitation.

The more you know your photographer and the more time you have in front of the camera before your wedding, the better your experience on the big day – again, it should be fun.  All of this will result in an easy wedding photography session and you WILL see the results.

In saying all of this, it really is an interesting session and you end up laughing and relaxing – it’s a good thing to learn, but don’t get too wound up over it – I know what to do.




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