Food Photography

Recently I have been photographing eateries and the dishes they produce.
My images are regularly used to enhance a website or to help as a guide on printed menus, books, brochures, posters and even large scale banners  (for the Taste of Tasmania as an example).  To be honest, I like the process of capturing beautifully prepared dishes.  It’s often very rushed as you need the food to look like it has just been prepared, so getting set for the moment is paramount.  I have an extensive lighting kit that travels with me – consisting of three sets of dimmable LED lights and seven flash units with various lighting modifiers.
I have captured everything from five star restaurants through to takeaways, as well as food growers and manufacturers.



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Island 26 Food-19
Island 26 Food-25 Island 26 Food-28
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Island 26 Food-7
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Island 26 Food-36
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