Slide Scanning

Looking to preserve your precious memories from the past? My slide scanning service can help you preserve and bring those old memories to life.

Our state-of-the-art scanning equipment ensures that your slides are converted into high-quality digital images with superior colour accuracy and clarity. You’ll be able to relive the memories with beautiful, vivid pictures that are perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Our range of services includes scanning, digital conversion, image editing, and online sharing. 


Plustek and Silver Fast

Using a professional Plustek slide scanning unit with specialised software, your images are returned to life in exceptional high resolution quality. Allowing you to then view your images on computers, smartphones, or other electronic devices.

No More Dust AND Scratches

The Plustek system does two scans. The first collects all of the image – like a normal flat bed scanner, but then does an ultra violet scan purely to identify all dust and scratches.

The Silver Fast software then is able to remove the unwanted rubbish on the image.

Colour Grading

I have been a colour grader (editing) specialist for nearly 30 years. I first started as part of my job while working at the ABC as a film editor. When I becam a full time professional photographer, the change was a change sideways.

You may decide to have all of your images fixed or enhanced if they need it. The film type and brands back in the day varied widely. The colours weren’t accurate – they often seemed dull and faded. I can usually get most images back to a very close representation of where they need to be OR better than before.




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