Amit and Julia were married at St Canice in Sandy Bay here in Hobart.

The ceremony was held there because the church is very special to the family.  I like it when there is a greater emotional connection at a wedding, everyone seems more involved in the fun.  The reception was held at Cascade Gardens – always a good spot for a wedding reception if you ask me.  The space is intimate and the gardens work out well if someone needs to get some air. Everyone seems to enjoy their meals too, that’s important.  I have photographed quite a lot of weddings and receptions at Cascade Gardens now.

Amit and Julia couldn’t have been nicer or seemed to have had a better day.  I liked capturing their special moments.


Amit + Julia-1

Amit + Julia-2

Amit + Julia-3

Amit + Julia-4

Amit + Julia-5

Amit + Julia-6

Amit + Julia-7

Amit + Julia-8

Amit + Julia-9

Amit + Julia-60

Amit + Julia-63

Amit + Julia-64

Amit + Julia-11

Amit + Julia-12

Amit + Julia-14

Amit + Julia-15

Amit + Julia-16

Amit + Julia-17

Amit + Julia-18

Amit + Julia-19

Amit + Julia-20

Amit + Julia-21

Amit + Julia-22

Amit + Julia-23

Amit + Julia-24

Amit + Julia-25

Amit + Julia-26

Amit + Julia-27

Amit + Julia-28

Amit + Julia-29

Amit + Julia-30

Amit + Julia-31

Amit + Julia-62

Amit + Julia-32

Amit + Julia-33

Amit + Julia-34

Amit + Julia-35

Amit + Julia-36

Amit + Julia-38

Amit + Julia-39

Amit + Julia-40

Amit + Julia-41

Amit + Julia-42

Amit + Julia-43

Amit + Julia-44

Amit + Julia-45

Amit + Julia-46

Amit + Julia-47

Amit + Julia-48

Amit + Julia-49

Amit + Julia-50

Amit + Julia-51

Amit + Julia-52

Amit + Julia-53

Amit + Julia-54

Amit + Julia-55

Amit + Julia-56

Amit + Julia-57

Amit + Julia-58