Hobart Wedding Photography

I am a wedding photographer based in Hobart Tasmania.  Capturing the events of your “big day” is what I love to do… I genuinely enjoy being at weddings, everyone is on their best behaviour and everyone looks great.

A wedding to me, isn’t just the ceremony, it’s the lead up. The hair and make-up, the lost socks, the loose thread on a dress, the nervous tension from both the bride and groom.  I love my lack of control at the ceremony – I have to get the shot…  The formal photography is what I love the most.  I enjoy making a shot as much as I enjoy taking the shot.  I like to help people look their best on their special day by showing them how to look connected,  I like to show the love through gestures and connectedness.  No two weddings are the same, maybe that’s why I love them so much.



Jake + Jess  |  Salmon Ponds | Lachlan


Jake + Jess Wedding-1
Jake + Jess Engagement-2
Jake + Jess Engagement-8a
Jake + Jess Engagement-10a
Jake + Jess Engagement-15
Jake + Jess Engagement-15a
Jake + Jess Engagement-23
Jake + Jess Wedding-3
Jake + Jess Wedding-4
Jake + Jess Wedding-5
Jake + Jess Wedding-17
Jake + Jess Wedding-18
Jake + Jess Wedding-20
Jake + Jess Wedding-22
Jake + Jess Wedding-23
Jake + Jess Wedding-28
Jake + Jess Wedding-31b
Jake + Jess Wedding-33
Jake + Jess Wedding-34
Jake + Jess Wedding-35
Jake + Jess Wedding-36
Jake + Jess Wedding-42
Jake + Jess Wedding-44
Jake + Jess Wedding-45
Jake + Jess Wedding-52
Jake + Jess Wedding-53
Jake + Jess Wedding-56b
Jake + Jess Wedding-60
Jake + Jess Wedding-61
Jake + Jess Wedding-63
Jake + Jess Wedding-65
Jake + Jess Wedding-67
Jake + Jess Wedding-71
Jake + Jess Wedding-72b
Jake + Jess Wedding-54
Jake + Jess Wedding-74
Jake + Jess Wedding-77
Jake + Jess Wedding-80
Jake + Jess Wedding-80b
Jake + Jess Wedding-84
Jake + Jess Wedding-85b
Jake + Jess Wedding-89
Jake + Jess Wedding-95
Jake + Jess Wedding-97
Jake + Jess Wedding-101
Jake + Jess Wedding-103b
Jake + Jess Wedding-107
Jake + Jess Wedding-110
Jake + Jess Wedding-111
Jake + Jess Wedding-116
Jake + Jess Wedding-118
Jake + Jess Wedding-119
Jake + Jess Wedding-121
Jake + Jess Wedding-122
Jake + Jess Wedding-123
Jake + Jess Wedding-125
Jake + Jess Wedding-127
Jake + Jess Wedding-128
Jake + Jess Wedding-130
Jake + Jess Wedding-132
Jake + Jess Wedding-140
Jake + Jess Wedding-143
Jake + Jess Wedding-144b
Jake + Jess Wedding-148
Jake + Jess Wedding-151
Jake + Jess Wedding-153
Jake + Jess Wedding-155
Jake + Jess Wedding-159b
Jake + Jess Wedding-160
Jake + Jess Wedding-165
Jake + Jess Wedding-166
Jake + Jess Wedding-167
Jake + Jess Wedding-169
Jake + Jess Wedding-170
Jake + Jess Wedding-171
Jake + Jess Wedding-173
Jake + Jess Wedding-175
Jake + Jess Wedding-176
Jake + Jess Wedding-178
Jake + Jess Wedding-181
Jake + Jess Wedding-182
Jake + Jess Wedding-183
Jake + Jess Wedding-180
Jake + Jess Wedding-184
Jake + Jess Wedding-185
Jake + Jess Wedding-186
Jake + Jess Wedding-187
Jake + Jess Wedding-192
Jake + Jess Wedding-193
Jake + Jess Wedding-194
Jake + Jess Wedding-196
Jake + Jess Wedding-197
Jake + Jess Wedding-198
Jake + Jess Wedding-200
Jake + Jess Wedding-202
Jake + Jess Wedding-203
Jake + Jess Wedding-204
Jake + Jess Wedding-205
Jake + Jess Wedding-206
Jake + Jess Wedding-207
Jake + Jess Wedding-210
Jake + Jess Wedding-212
Jake + Jess Wedding-213
Jake + Jess Wedding-215
Jake + Jess Wedding-216
Jake + Jess Wedding-218
Jake + Jess Wedding-219
Jake + Jess Wedding-222
Jake + Jess Wedding-224
Jake + Jess Wedding-225
Jake + Jess Wedding-226
Jake + Jess Wedding-228
Jake + Jess Wedding-229
Jake + Jess Wedding-230
Jake + Jess Wedding-231
Jake + Jess Wedding-235


Duncan + Jess  |  Scott’s Church | Founders Room


Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-5

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-1b copy

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-204

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-7

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-12

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-8b

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-206

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-34

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-15

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-21

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-19

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-14

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-23b

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-25

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-31b

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-26

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-33

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-42

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-43

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-48

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-47

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-49

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-52

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-53b

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-56

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-57

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-58

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-59

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-60

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-61

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-63

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-64

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-67

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-69

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-71

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-74

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-75

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-76

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-77

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-79

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-81

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-82

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-207

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-83

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-89

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-91

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-92

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-96

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-97

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-98

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-99

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-101

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-113

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-109

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-118

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-119

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-121

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-122

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-201

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-125

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-126

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-129

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-130

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-131

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-132

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-134

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-202

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-139

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-140

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-208

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-141

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-145

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-146

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-144

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-148

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-149

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-151

Tony Lomas Hobart Photographer-152


Tony + Wanita  |  White Sands Resort, Iron House Point | Beach Wedding


Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-4

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-3

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-1

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate s2

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-10

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-15

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-16

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-17

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-27

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-28

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate s5

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-19

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-23

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate s4

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-24

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-25

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate s6

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-61

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-53

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-54

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-71

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-74

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-75

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate s8

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-81

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-64

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-63

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate s7

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-101

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-88

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-87

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-98

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-100

Hobart Photographer | White Sands Estate-86


Scott + Jen  |  Bahai Centre, Tasmania Golf Club | Hobart Wedding


Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Scott + Jenny-134

Scott + Jenny-135

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Scott + Jenny-140

Scott + Jenny-141

Scott + Jenny-142

Scott + Jenny-143

Scott + Jenny-144

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer

Hobart Wedding Photographer - Island 26 photography

Hobart Wedding Photographer - Island 26 photography

Scott + Jenny-159

Scott + Jenny-160

Hobart Wedding Photographer - Island 26 photography

Scott + Jenny-168

Scott + Jenny-167

Scott + Jenny-174

Scott + Jenny-177


Richard + Sarah  |  Josef Chromy Vineyard, Launceston


Richard + Sarah-1

Richard + Sarah-2

Richard + Sarah-4

Richard + Sarah-5

Richard + Sarah-6

Richard + Sarah-9

Richard + Sarah-10

Richard + Sarah-11

Amit + Julia  |  St. Canice Church, Sandy Bay


Hobart Wedding Photographer-133

Hobart Wedding Photographer-134

Hobart Wedding Photographer-118

Hobart Wedding Photographer-117

Hobart Wedding Photographer-132

Hobart Wedding Photographer-115

Hobart Wedding Photographer-116

Hobart Wedding Photographer-119

Hobart Wedding Photographer-121

Hobart Wedding Photographer-120

Hobart Wedding Photographer-125

Hobart Wedding Photographer-126

Hobart Wedding Photographer-124

Hobart Wedding Photographer-123

Hobart Wedding Photographer-129

Hobart Wedding Photographer-127

Hobart Wedding Photographer-128

Hobart Wedding Photographer-131

Stephen + Haylee  |  St. Francis Xavier Church



David + Rohani  |  Nutgrove Beach



Tim + Lil  |  Cascade Colonial Accommodation


Jared + Bex  |  Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens


Dave + Anne  |  Cascade Gardens


Brook + Kate  |  Princess Park Battery Point


Jason + Tina  |  Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens


B-Fine + Georgie  |  Little Howrah Beach


David + Lauren  |  Playhouse Theatre Hobart


James + Edith  |  Castle Forbes Bay


Tristan + Ali  |  Avalon – East Coast Tasmania


Rob + Verity  |  Roches Beach