1. Who are your customers?
  2. Why they might come to the cafe,
  3. What will make that decision easy for them.





It’s important to know one very simple thing about human psychology – we quite often do what is easier over what is right. To clarify (in this simplified example), what is easier might be ‘it’s closer’ than the opposition, and what is right could be ‘their coffee is cheaper’.

So if their coffee is cheaper but further away – you’re selling distance, not coffee. And in this case – DISTANCE = TIME. It takes longer to go further – so tell them that! Really sell it to them. Tell them that every single day, twice if you have to!

Need a coffee? “we’re just downstairs/around the corner…” Let the customer know that you understand just how important their time is – but here’s the important part – if you’re selling time efficiency, you have to be prompt in what you do, otherwise you’re breaking the imaginary contract.

Here’s the social media part – “you need a coffee”, not do you need a coffee?

Have you ever looked at something online and thought “I really feel like that now” when a minute ago, you didn’t? Have you ever done ANYTHING in the spare of the moment? Of course you have! We’re impulsive. You need to put your product in front of people, to make that happen. And this is why imagery is so much more powerful than radio – you hear with your ears, but you believe with your eyes.

Get good images. Buy them, make them, put them in front of people right now.