A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to photograph a surprise wedding.  The guests thought they were attending a 30th birthday party to held on the MV Cartela. A leisurely cruise up Hobart’s beautiful Derwent River was supposed to be the order of the day, but no, Leigh and Tam had another plan in mind.

While hiding down below with the radiant Tamara, Leigh greeted the many guests onto the ferry (it was his birthday) and told a little white lie as to where Tam was.  We pulled away from port and it was time for the grand entrance. When Tam and her Dad (who was told only two minutes before the ceremony started) made it to the top of the stairs, the guests freaked out – it was brilliant… I was shaking as I was nervous too.  I had to preset my cameras and flashes to what I thought the correct levels would be – I hadn’t even seen where I would be photographing.  It was really very lovely.

We did some formal photos before we went to the boat – and it was pouring with rain.  A hard day for me, but boy was it worth it!  A great experience to be part of.