Today I took some photos of Moto Vecchia cafe in Rosny Park, just six minutes from Hobart’s city centre.

What an awesome place. The decor is amazing, almost as amazing as the story behind the people.  Run by Natalie and Melissa, it is an homage to their family members who immigrated to Australia from Italy in the early 1950’s.  With a motorcycle theme, great coffee and delicious food, the cafe is a warm and friendly place to be. Basically, it rocks.

I was talking to both Natalie and Mel when I arrived and naturally asked how business was going.  They commented that it was slow due to the school holidays.  I was amazed by that, as there was a steady flow of happy customers for the 90 minutes that I was there – I can’t imagine how busy is normally.

What a great place.


Moto Vecchia-73

Moto Vecchia-28

Moto Vecchia-3

Moto Vecchia-67

Moto Vecchia-5

Moto Vecchia-66

Moto Vecchia-39

Moto Vecchia-41

Moto Vecchia-33

Moto Vecchia-32

Moto Vecchia-60

Moto Vecchia-69

Moto Vecchia-34

Moto Vecchia-30

Moto Vecchia-31

Moto Vecchia-11

Moto Vecchia-7

Moto Vecchia-29

Moto Vecchia-102

Moto Vecchia-45

Moto Vecchia-25

Moto Vecchia-9

Moto Vecchia-43

Moto Vecchia-12

Moto Vecchia-14

Moto Vecchia-47

Moto Vecchia-22

Moto Vecchia-36

Moto Vecchia-49

Moto Vecchia-101

Moto Vecchia-53

Moto Vecchia-55

Moto Vecchia-54

Moto Vecchia-65

Moto Vecchia-35

Moto Vecchia-72

Moto Vecchia-103

Moto Vecchia-79

Moto Vecchia-2

Moto Vecchia-61

Moto Vecchia-21