So, I keep rambling on about how I treat my photos. Here are some examples of Art and Landscape photography that I have done previously (and sell on With these shots, I used photoshop to give a really heavy feel to the photos – I liked the painted look…


When I treat wedding, portrait or corporate photos, the treatment is much less severe – there is no need to add textures – it’s more a case of adjusting the colours and some other special little things that I do. As you can see in these original photos (on the left), the world is a rather “pastel” looking place, but that’s not how we remember scenes in our mind. As an example, you never hear anyone coming back from Cradle Mountain saying “it was lovely, but the mountain itself was pale blue…” Something strange happens between our eye and our mind – our memories become hyper realistic. I now use Lightroom 90% of the time and Photoshop for the remainder – both are made by Adobe.


Anyway, here are some samples of how I pump up photos – I like to make shots, rather than take shots!


Art and Landscape photography by Tony Lomas of Island 26 Photography