This applies more to the girls than the boys.

On your big day, you need to get ready (duh) and getting ready is a great part of the series of events of the day and should be a lot of fun.

You might be getting your hair and  make-up done by professionals – yay!  You might have your bridesmaids there, maybe your Mother  and Mother-in-law to be.  Your sisters/aunts might call in for a quick visit and bring the kids to say “hi”.  So, at sometime during the lead up, you might have seven and maybe up to a dozen people in your space.  This is where space becomes important.  And more importantly, your personal space becomes important…

It’s great to be treated well on your big day, but it is amazing how sensitive people become.  Now don’t get me wrong… I don’t mean bridezilla sensitive (it can also be other people who don’t want things to badly), it’s more about not letting little kids with potentially dirty hands want to see and touch an expensive wedding dress, where are the flowers? don’t let the dog in! where are my shoes…

It’s nice as a wedding photographer to be in a cool and relaxed environment – it makes for better photos!

Try and organise a good size space.  It gets awkward when there are 14 people in a small hotel room – the air runs out very quickly and the temperature goes through the roof and nerves get frayed…  It doesn’t matter if you are getting ready at home or in a hired space, just make sure you have:

  • room to move (hair and make up need to space to step back and view their masterpiece)
  • something to eat and drink
  • a full length mirror
  • natural light
  • an extension cord and a power board for your hairdresser (to get closer to the natural light)
  • music (that’s important)
  • a phone charger
  • names and phone numbers of suppliers (flowers, cars, reception venue,etc)
  • pen and paper
  • Band Aids for blisters on heels, caused by wedding shoes.
  • needle and thread
  • super glue
  • scissors
  • more time than you think you need
Getting ready on your big day is an important part of your wedding, so make it a fun time to remember.