Recently I did a marketing course and I met some great people from the Daly Potato Farm. ¬†They run their potato farm right in the beautiful Marion Bay region, in Tasmania’s south – they are Daly Gourmet Potatoes. ¬†The commissioned me to come to their farm to photograph what they do. I had a great time. They were kind enough to give me a tour of their facility and I did some corporate photography while I was there.

I had taken an old rustic wooden box with me and I snuck into an old tin shed I saw on the side of the road. There was a piercing sliver of light coming through a crack in the badly hinged door. There was hay all over the floor and this allowed me to construct a lovely “pack shot” of their product. So, between the amazing landscape and texture shots of the farm that I managed to photograph, along with the pack shots – we ended up with some beautiful images. Mind you, it is Marion Bay, it’s hard to take a bad photo there on a good day…

Here are some of the photos that I took.

Their website is HERE

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