Well what a couple of weeks I’ve had.

I have photographed three conferences in about 10 days.  Event photography stretches a photographer as often there isn’t a lot of variety – people arrive, sit, get spoken to and often receive an award.  But it doesn’t always have to be that way.  I look at it as an essential part of finding new ways to truly represent the atmosphere of the function.

So, here in Hobart we have had a few big events over the last couple of weeks. The biggest event I was hired to capture was the annual conference for Century 21.  These folks are one of the largest Real Estate Agents in the world – so it was an honour to do the job – all three days of it.  There were two Gala dinners and two solid days of conferences. One of the challenges is trying to throw enough light into the big spaces that are needed to accommodate the nearly 200 participants – and quite a challenge it was!

The reception dinner on the first night was really great – more for the amusement factor. It was Morilla + Mona. So, I was able to photograph in the VOID at MONA with the low ever changing moody light and strange but amazing spaces. This was followed by the dinner and entertainment in the dining area at Morilla. I have a bit of a rule whereas I don’t like to capture images of people eating, so my program is to photograph the meet and greets, speeches, awards and the entertainment…. in this case a Hypnotist. Bloody funny to say the least!

Day two brought a massive conference room at the Hotel Grand Chancellor – with the low light. But with some creative camera technique it was all good.

This was followed by a massive Gala dinner and an award ceremony that was just plain awesome. Some of the photos I got were fun as I really tried to follow the good vibe of the night. Day three was more conference presentations, vendors and prizes being handed out – it was a real pleasure to shoot – but it really stretches a photographer. I am lucky I have the right equipment to get me through…

When I shoot conferences and event photography I now try to do it all under the banner of Hobart Multimedia – my business or website that manages all of the corporate work that I seem to be doing in the off-wedding season.