The other day I built a website for Huon Travel and Cruise.

They liked the look of my website and decided that the same theme would work for them too.  And guess what – it looks great.  The reason this lovely boutique travel agency wanted a new website, was because they thought their old one looked like it was built in the 1980’s… their words not mine!

So, after the initial build, it was time to put some sparkle on the pages.  I populated many of the pages with some of my old photos that I had lying around, but then I decided to take a quick trip down to the beautiful Huon Valley and take some staff head shots.  It is amazing just how effective proper photography is when branding your business (kudos to Geoff, Chrissy and the team for making an effort to re-brand).  It took me about half an hour to take the photos and all of the staff were really happy with their photos (surprised even).  They were so happy, that they have even been sharing them on social media sites – spreading the love… and that’s how you do business these days.

I can’t recommend them highly enough.  The are located on the main road in Huonville – only 20 minutes from the city.  You’ll love them.

Here’s the link to their website



Here are some of the photos…