A couple of days ago I was commissioned by public relations company from Sydney (Maxicom PR)¬†to take some photos of a farmer with his sheep just north of Oatlands in Tasmania’s central midlands. I had a great time. I met the loveliest couple – there is a temptation to call them “the salt of the earth”, but that just makes them sound a little simple. On the contrary, they were anything but! David and Sarah where smart, funny, patient, professional,¬†accommodating and friendly.

These days, the modern day farm is a probably less charming and more practical, but never the less, just as much fun. Photography brings us to the old adage – “never work with kids or animals”! I think this is appropriate in this situation – especially because I was working with sheep… As it turns out, unlike a dog (for instance), sheep have absolutely no desire to come within spitting distance of anyone – making it hard to connect the farmer with the flock…

We persisted and grabbed the required shots for the brief. The client was happy and I managed to get heaps of poo on my shoes – anything for a good photo!

Here are a few samples from my trip: