The pandemic was particularly devastating to the world’s photographers. In an instant, I lost all my bookings and no one had any idea how long we’d be in limbo.

During that time, it became very hard to post updates as there was nothing to update… which is where I find myself now. Of the minimal jobs I’ve been doing, there isn’t much of public interest. Damn.

But, I’ll never give up. I was recently offered a job at my Post Office. The dear sweet manager, Chris, offered me work. After a lond internal debate and a lengthy discussion with the most beautiful person in the world, my wife, I decided to comit myself to my passion, photography.

I’m a Hobart Photographer. I can’t wait to get back.

 P.S. To justify my comment about my wife, here is a photo I took with my phone. No fancy camera, portrait lens or lighting. Simply beautiful.