This week, Hobart was lucky to host the General Practice Education & Training conference (GPTEC).  Over 500 delegates from around the country visited to discuss their capacity and options, while learning new techniques and planning new strategies for the future.  All while enjoying some beautiful clear crisp weather in Australia’s southern most capital city.

First off, was a visit to the newly recognised “world’s best” MONA museum and art gallery for some drinks, introductions and catching up with old friends.  I think the cool Tasmanian air (on the ferry ride up the river) was a shock to some new visitors to the state – especially the Northern Territory delegation.

The conference kicked off at the Hotel Grand Chancellor with an great Welcome to Country display from members of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community, performing traditional dances. Then, an awe inspiring keynote address from Dr. Bob Brown. The former leader of the Greens (also a former GP), who discussed his perspective on preventative medicine and the role that the natural world plays in that process.

The Gala dinner was held at the recently refurbished Mac 2 conference centre.  With fire twirlers, drummers, crooners, an 80’s band – all wrapped up in an amazingly decorated setting. A great time was had by all.

It was an honour to have this wonderful organisation visit Tasmania for their annual conference once more. Great job by the organisers from GPTT and Conference Logistics



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GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-1GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-2GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-3GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-4aGPTEC Wednesday Dinner-6GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-7GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-8 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-9GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-10GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-11GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-12GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-13 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-14GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-15GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-16aGPTEC Wednesday Dinner-18GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-19aGPTEC Wednesday Dinner-21GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-22 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-23GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-24aGPTEC Wednesday Dinner-26aGPTEC Wednesday Dinner-28GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-29GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-30GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-31GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-32 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-33 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-34aGPTEC Wednesday Dinner-36GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-37 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-38 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-39 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-40 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-41 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-42 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-43 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-44 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-45 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-46 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-47GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-48 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-49aGPTEC Wednesday Dinner-51GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-52GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-53GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-54GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-55 GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-56GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-57GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-58GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-59aGPTEC Wednesday Dinner-62GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-63GPTEC Wednesday Dinner-64



GPTEC Thursday Panel-1 GPTEC Thursday Panel-2 GPTEC Thursday Panel-3 GPTEC Thursday Panel-4 GPTEC Thursday Panel-5 GPTEC Thursday Panel-6 GPTEC Thursday Panel-7 GPTEC Thursday Panel-8 GPTEC Thursday Panel-9aGPTEC Thursday Panel-11 GPTEC Thursday Panel-12 GPTEC Thursday Panel-13 GPTEC Thursday Panel-14 GPTEC Thursday Panel-15 GPTEC Thursday Panel-17aGPTEC Thursday Panel-19GPTEC Thursday Panel-20GPTEC Thursday Panel-21GPTEC Thursday Panel-22GPTEC Thursday Panel-23GPTEC Thursday Panel-24GPTEC Thursday Panel-25GPTEC Thursday Panel-26GPTEC Thursday Panel-27GPTEC Thursday Panel-28