Wedding Photography

Your wedding images are beautiful moments that you can relive over and over. I know how much detail you have put into planning your wedding day and how important it is for you to have an amazing collection of wonderful memories.
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Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is one of the best things you can do in photography – I love it.  The idea of capturing the essence of a person is both difficult and exciting.

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Commercial Photography

With the increasing competition between all business sectors and the narrowing avenues of media distribution, there is a need to ensure your corporate image (brand) is as good as it can be.  

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Event Photography

I really enjoy photographing conferences and award ceremonies as well as general business events. Conference and event photography is a real challenge. Limited lighting, meeting sponsors expectations while blending in – these are what make it fun.

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What I do

I think being a photographer means being able to consistently take quality photographs of people. Either as individuals or in a group.

Because I cover a lot of photographic styles, I have trained heavily in lighting. Even in the middle of the day, lighting rules every image I capture.

My Style

I am one of the lucky ones. I love my job. If I’m not taking photos for clients, either people or business, I am taking photos for me.

I enjoy capturing landscapes, textures, and special moments too. I try to always have a camera with me – you never know what is about to happen.

Based in Hobart

I am a photographer based in Hobart, but I travel quite a lot, especially around this beautiful state. I have also photographed on both mainland Australia and well as overseas.

The great thing about working in Hobart is that nothing is ever too far away. I like the travel.

Stock Photography

I photograph and sell stock images on what are referred to as Micro-Stock sites. I post photos and you can download them (I get a percentage of that purchase). If you click on the above image you can view a gallery on just one of the sites that I contribute to. Feel free to contact me directly if there is something there that you like.

Staff Photos

Forging ahead in business is getting harder and harder. All businesses should have a website and that website should stand out as much as possible. To have your staff portraits taken by someone in the office just isn’t acceptable these days. Having a “snap” taken, is completely different to having your staff photo taken. You should look both authoritative and trustworthy. A great photo gets you well and truly underway. The great thing is that I come to you. Look your best…

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Mona Time Lapse

The other night I was photographing a Gala dinner at Mona Museum (the end of a two day conference).  I was waiting to grab some images of the conference attendees arriving on the Mona ferry or MR-1. It was cold, really cold. I waited for half an hour by the dock on...

From Richmond to Stonefield in Brighton, a wedding with the lot!

Recently, I was lucky enough to photograph a beautiful wedding that covered a lot of ground around Hobart. I started on the Friday before the big day, as I like to be able to grab the detail shots of the venue while there are no guests to inconvenience (cake,...
I build websites too. It’s a natural add-on when you consider just how much time and effort a photographer spends building their own website. Being online is a photographers greatest tool. A good site allows you to exhibit and advertise your work and more importantly, being dynamic and able to change quickly. I have built another website to specifically explain what a website can offer and how I can help you:

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